Sitting and drinking on the canal banks


Sir, – It is ironic that two city councillors publicly complain about people sitting out on the banks of the canal drinking and sunning themselves (Home News, May 9th).

For years now Dublin City Council has been actively promoting city apartment living, granting permission for under-sized units between the canals.

Most have to be inhabited by four or more people in order for them to afford the rent. No car spaces are necessary for these apartments, never mind green spaces.

Do councillors Mary Freehill and Chris Andrews expect people to sit in postage-size livingrooms in 20-plus degrees while the rest of suburbia sit out in their back gardens?

A little thinking outside the box on this one instead of condemning and legislating are needed. As for councillor Andrews’s reference to “Portaloos”, who will clean up the mess when these are upended with people inside?

We’ve seen it before on Paddy’s Day in Temple Bar. Come on, councillors, help instead of punishing! – Yours, etc,


Temple Bar,

Dublin 2.