Traffic reports

Sir, – I usually catch enough of Morning Ireland to hear two or three traffic reports from the AA, and even if I turn over to Marty in the Morning the traffic reports follow me there.

Why, I wonder, does RTÉ persist with this routine slot on national radio when traffic volumes are down and travel is limited to five kilometres for most people? Is it just to tantalise us?

Stuck in my pensioner bubble, I am not really interested if there is a horse loose on the Dunkettle roundabout, if the roads are wet in Leitrim and this affects braking time there, if the drivers exiting the fog in the midlands remember to turn off their fog-lights, or if the south bore of the Jack Lynch Tunnel is flooded.

In the greater scheme of things, I know that these may be but the gripes of a grumpy old man, grown weary in necessary confinement; but oh, what I’d give now to be stuck in a tailback on the Lough Atalia road, heading for Connemara. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 18.