Time for an FF alliance with FG?


Sir, – A key reason why Fianna Fáil is struggling to re-emerge from its collapse in the 2011 election is rarely mentioned by political commentators – there is no longer room for that party on the left-right political spectrum.

Fine Gael is firmly established as the pre-eminent conservative party, while Labour has shifted comfortably into the centre ground, effectively taking up the mantle of a liberal party.

Sinn Féin has moved into the social democratic space vacated by Labour, with a myriad of other options available further to the left.

Even if Fianna Fáil knew where it wanted to position itself, the harsh truth is that the country and political life has moved on.

The only realistic future for Fianna Fáil lies an alliance with Fine Gael, as has already happened across many local councils throughout the State. – Yours, etc,



Co Limerick.