‘The world is watching’


Sir, – Further to your editorial “The Irish Times view on US protests: the world is watching” (June 3rd), the world is indeed watching events in the US with deep sadness and alarm. The bright spotlight put on this killing is justified, and the public condemnation is heartening.

Racism, injustice and inequality must be challenged everywhere they exist.

This current eruption of civic action also reminds us that people are not disillusioned or uncaring.

It compels us to find ways to channel activism and attention to atrocities and humanitarian disasters in so many places around the world that are rarely in the spotlight – Syria, Yemen, the 20 million facing acute hunger in the horn of Africa, and the devastation brought by swarms of locusts and climate change. The list was worryingly long even before Covid-19 compounded and amplified it.

Disasters of this scale should also drive people to take to the streets across the world and demand a response to save lives.

We have long needed a resurgence of humanity, a great public demand for genuine global leadership that takes action to reduce suffering, save lives and responds to injustice.

The world is watching now but also watches on as crises unfold and atrocities mount in so many other places.

This must be a turning point. We must demand more of global leadership, of institutions and yes, of ourselves. – Yours, etc,


Chief Executive,

Concern Worldwide,

Dublin 2.