Health and the economy


Sir, – Medical and scientific advice to the Government is that a cautious approach to the unwinding of the lockdown should continue. This is understandable, given that their key concern is public health.

There has to be a balance, however, between emerging from this pandemic healthy but jobless.

Many of those currently laid-off or who have lost their jobs are building up rent or mortgage arrears, cannot properly provide for their families, and feel demoralised through no fault of their own. The uncertainty over whether they will ever get their jobs back is soul-destroying.

Our politicians have heard both sides of the argument regarding reopening our economy, but at this stage they must stop hiding behind medical and scientific advice and start taking some risks.

I am not suggesting it is a case of livelihoods ahead of lives but certainly a balance is needed. The Government must consider people’s economic health as well as their physical health. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.