The O'Flaherty affair


Sir, - Oh what a relief! We have been spared the prospect of having Hugh O'Flaherty appointed to the Board of the European Investment Bank. After all, who would want Ireland represented by a person who is apparently a distinguished lawyer, highly experienced judge and compassionate individual?

Of course, he appeared unwise in showing concern for an individual seeking a review of a sentence imposed by the Irish courts. Having resigned his judicial post, he could hardly have expected the current guardians of moral virtue to allow his considerable expertise, experience and personal qualities to be applied in a senior European post.

He should have realised that he would instead be made a scapegoat for every and any piece of "scandal" or "sleaze" uncovered in recent years. Perhaps he should even have known that our "fair and balanced" media could not resist the temptation to dismember a soft target in a vicious feeding frenzy, while claiming "public opinion" demanded such a slaughter.

Mr O'Flaherty, his family, and people generally must be relieved to know that they live in a mature democracy. This caring society would never allow media mullahs get away with expressing misplaced rage, now would it?

By the way, who guards self-appointed guardians. ...? - Yours, etc.,

Raymond Cass, Dublin 2.