Tea bags, milk and sugar


Sir, – A while ago, my wife was perusing the world foods aisle in a large supermarket not far from Liverpool. She was surprised to find, among the Indian spices, gefilte fish, etc, boxes of tea bags produced by a manufacturer located in Cork. For many years, we’d realised that Irish tea was vastly to be preferred to anything produced over here, so she brought some home.

Putting aside our prejudice in favour of Dublin, we gave them a try. Now we drink nothing else.

Tradition dies hard, though, especially when you’re my age. The tea bags go into a pot, whence the amber liquor is dispensed into fine china cups, into which, it need hardly be said, the milk has been poured first. No matter how we move with the times, one must maintain standards. – Yours, etc,


St Helens,



Sir, – Why put milk in tea? Tea tastes much better without additives such as milk and sugar. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.