Steps to resolve housing crisis


Sir, – So far the Government’s only “contributions” to the housing crisis have been either to make it worse or to tinker with the end use of existing housing stock.

The changing of the height restrictions on city centre buildings will take decades to make any impact on supply. It’s a case of better late than never, but it won’t change things soon enough.

Intensive development in socially challenged locations seems to have resulted in social issues which have not been ideal. To achieve real success seems to require that the location chosen will have upmarket appeal along with an abundance of affordable building land available.

A transport policy needs to accompany it. A fast-track compulsory purchase mechanism along with a central zoning authority is essential. And a Government-controlled sales policy needs to be implemented so as to avoid exacerbating the significant pensions problem facing the nation by the increasing build-to-rent fraternity. Home ownership will help reduce welfare costs for the next generation of taxpayers. Furthermore, the banks should operated on a European mortgage pricing basis.

Areas such as Ashbourne have an abundance of agricultural land on the edge of a developed urban centre suitable for this fast-track mechanism. It has the transport links too.

A trade-skills policy at secondary school level is also needed to supply the labour demand and moderate building costs. The energy being wasted throwing stones would be better used building houses. Change is needed now. – Yours, etc,


Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.