Spain’s political deadlock


Sir, – Further to the article “Spanish socialists seek ideological anchor as leadership race looms” (March 21st), while the candidate for the leadership of the Spanish Socialist Party Pedro Sánchez may appear to be “a more radical figure” at present, as suggested by Guy Hedgecoe’s report, it is perhaps unfair to intimate that this represents a dramatic change of the former leader’s political strategy.

The “maverick, stridently leftist new persona” of Mr Sánchez may contrast markedly with the more moderate contenders for the party’s leadership, but is hardly inconsistent with his behaviour while in office. Indeed, the reason for his resignation last year was his opposition to the party’s decision to abstain from the investiture vote in parliament to facilitate the government of the incumbent prime minister, Mariano Rajoy.

Continuing to advocate for such a stance should not be regarded as an erratic change of character.

A more likely cause of this change in perception is the movement of the party around him towards the centre after in an effort to end the long-standing political deadlock in Spain. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 15.