Brexit and avoiding a hard border


Sir, – James Anderson’s article stating that “there will be a hard border” as result of Brexit and that a soft border is just a “pipe dream” is the essence of good sense (“There will be a hard border: the question is where”, Opinion & Analysis, March 22nd).

His solution of removing the hard border to “the sea around the island of Britain and the ports and airports connecting with the island of Ireland” is also sensible.

It gets rid of the need to try stopping immigrants by imposing the near-500km “leaky” and “disruptive” border across the island of Ireland, with all the implications that would have, not least for the Belfast Agreement.

Whether the administrations in London, Dublin, Belfast, Brussels, not to mention 26 other European capitals, are willing to see good sense on this issue is open to question.

If all that good sense had prevailed up to now, we would not be facing this problem in the first place. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.