Sharing the road


Sir, – I’m a car driver, a motorcyclist and a cyclist. I live in the countryside and regularly cycle about three kilometres into Mullingar in the morning before breakfast to get The Irish Times.

Recently, while cycling home on a twisty section of the road with a continuous white line, I was passed so closely by a lovely shiny black 2019 Audi that I thought I was a goner.

A few minute later I caught up with the self-same Audi at a railway crossing where the gates were closed to allow a train to pass. I spoke politely to the driver and reminded her that when she next read in the paper about a road fatality involving a cyclist and a car, more than likely the cyclist was someone like me and the car driver might be someone like her. Her reply? “You were in my way.” – Yours, etc,



Co Westmeath.