Seats and public transport


Sir, – I recently became one of those commuters Lauren Burke wondered about (Letters, August 23rd). As a result of a foot fracture I now sport a large support shoe and crutch. Very visible indicators of a damaged foot.

So far my experience has been mixed. In 10 days of commuting I have been offered a seat twice. I was giving my fellow commuters the benefit of the doubt, assuming that in the crush that is the Luas at rush hour and the obsession with looking at phones, it was simply a case of being so preoccupied that no one noticed my lovely shoe and crutch. But alas it’s not.

This evening a very nice Luas driver waited whilst I crossed the lines at Charlemont and hobbled to the tram door. He even allowed it re-open. (Thank you, sir!) I awkwardly stumbled into a busy, but not crowded carriage. Standing room but all seats occupied. Those in the seats closest looked up in the wake of my awkward arrival, appeared to admire my crutch and shoe (some may think them rather fetching?) and clearly assumed they were sufficient support for me, as they settled into their seats and resumed staring at their phones. Charming! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.