Charging for charging


Sir, – While it seems reasonable that electric car owners should pay to recharge their batteries, Tim O’Brien (News Analysis, August 27th) seems to be motivated by begrudgery as much as merit or logic.

While he finds it “particularly galling” to see a fast charger occupied by an expensive “big-battery Tesla”, it would seem most unlikely that a small fee would alter that driver’s behaviour.

Perhaps a better approach is to set up a number of dummy chargers so only the smarter drivers get to charge their cars? The decoy ones might be covered in plastic or something, which might give a hint to drivers.

Perhaps the Minister for Transport could consider such an initiative. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.

Sir, – I am shocked by Shane Ross’s latest photo-op faux pas (“Shane Ross deletes tweet amid claims of ‘fake news’ stunt”, News, August 27th). Which is obviously more than his new electric car was. – Yours, etc,