Saorview turn-on a digital turn-off?


Sir, – In two months, with the help of Saorview, Ireland will complete the “giant leap forward” away from analogue TV and into digital TV. Unfortunately, this big leap forward is accompanied, in my opinion, by an even bigger leap backward.

Up to now, I have been able to watch one programme while recording another on my DVD recorder. Under the new system this will no longer be possible. My new Saorview Combi-box which cost €200 allows me to record only the programme on-screen.

A Saorview representative has advised me that “at present, there are no Saorview-approved boxes on the market with PVR functionality. However, within the coming months, this situation is likely to change as the manufacturers react to this evident demand in the marketplace. As such, for the time being there will be restrictions in terms of recording; the TV must remain set to the channel from which you are recording”. Big leap forward, how are ye! – Yours, etc,



Athboy PO, Co Meath.