Respecting the National War Memorial


Sir, – On Saturday myself and two friends visited the beautiful National War Memorial in Islandbridge in Dublin. It is a very special place and wonderful memorial to all who gave their lives in order that we can live in freedom. Yet another gem in the hands of the Office of Public Works.

We used the car park and made our way towards the rose gardens. At the exit of the car park there is a sign stating that all dogs must be kept on leads. But lots of them were running around freely. Chasing after each other and balls which were been thrown by their owners. A man followed us out of the parking area with a small black dog behind him. The man continued on his way while his dog fouled on the grass. The man just kept going. Indeed the grass had many dog droppings.

We climbed up to the garden. A sign states no dogs are allowed in this area. But there were many off leads and running around. I was horrified to witness a dog urinate on the wreaths of recently laid poppies at the memorial. These wreaths were from organisations around many counties of Ireland, UK and indeed many parts of the world.

Again I stress these were laid to commemorate men and women who lost their lives in horrific circumstances – and dogs are running around freely fouling on them.

Can an appeal be made to said Office of Public Works to engage dog wardens to ensure the rules are adhered to in this place?

A bit of respect costs nothing. But it seems that is a bit to much to ask.

Dog owners must be made to obey rules. If they want their dogs to run freely, there are plenty of areas in Dublin they can use.

For the record, I am a dog owner. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 15.