Boris Johnson takes the helm for Tories


Sir, – All Boris Johnson needs to do is to procrastinate and prevaricate until early October. Then, in a quick swashbuckling flourish, he can increase the bulldog rhetoric and resolutely place the blame for a no-deal Brexit on the EU and call for a snap general election to be held shortly after Britain crashes out of the EU on October 31st.

Legions of angry and weary Leave voters will flock back to the Conservatives from the one-dimensional Brexit Party, and the affronted Labour Leave voters will also vent their anger at the duplicity of their own party in calling for a second referendum.

In such a political move, he will have taken back the support of the Brexit Party and emasculated the Labour and Liberal parties, whose hopes for a second referendum will instantly evaporate. He will be rewarded with a full term in office.

Why would he do anything else? – Yours, etc,


Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Sir, –In my 86 years I have seen all the British prime ministers from Winston Churchill to now Boris Johnson. It could be described as moving from the sublime to the ridiculous. May the Lord bless the ship of Britain and all who sail in her, but especially the Irish people who are unfortunately in its wash. – Yours, etc,




Co Clare.

Sir, – Now that the primary purpose of Brexit, the election of Boris Johnson as leader of the Tory party, has been achieved, can they just call the whole thing off? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 11.

A chara, – Perhaps it’s only right that Boris Johnson is in; he was the one to stir the pot so he should have to lick that ill-tasting spoon.

As for Theresa May, she can look forward to a decent worry-free holiday, knowing that it is largely recognised that she did her best, and she will also enjoy watching Boris getting a taste of the political medicine he administered to her.

Enjoy skipping through those wheat fields, Theresa. – Is mise,


Dublin 17.