Regularising undocumented migrants


Sir, – It is great step forward that the Department of Justice is opening a “once-in-a-generation” scheme to regularise undocumented migrants.

We sometimes forget that behind these cases lie real humans, with all the attendant emotions, hopes and dreams that we all share.

It is certainly bittersweet timing for me. A couple of weeks ago, I was declined naturalisation as an Irish citizen, despite living in Ireland from when I was a baby to the age of 25.

I attended all of my primary, secondary and university education in Ireland, and have Irish citizen siblings, but because of flaws and vagaries in the current naturalisation process, it was decided my “Irish associations” were not “compelling” enough to grant me naturalisation while I temporarily live abroad.

I therefore know very well how it feels to be rejected by the State, and how much it would mean to me for that to be rectified. – Yours, etc,


Brno, Czech Republic.