Public health ads – enough is enough?

Sir, – While appreciating that it has been important to raise public awareness about Covid-19, I wonder are any of your readers also finding the endless public health announcements during ad-breaks on our TV channels becoming harder and harder to listen to?

It is likely that by now every citizen is fully aware that we are in a pandemic, and know the rules.

And it could also be argued that many of our citizens are burned out, exhausted, as well as worried about the virus, their livelihoods and the welfare of our hospital staff and the welfare of our families.

But uninformed? And requiring endless “advertisements” about the virus? Surely not.


It is demanding enough these days just watching listening and reading the news, so surely it is time for the HSE and our TV channels to give these other announcements a rest, and thereby give the people some respite also, including our children who are already currently experiencing more than enough negativity. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 8.