Protests in Iran


Sir, – Your Editorial (Protests in Iran: A glimpse of rising anger, November 21st) fuels the fires of war, all the more so as it cites tainted groups like Amnesty International to defame Iran and, by default at least, it cheers on POTUS Donald Trump’s looming war with Iran which, like Iraq and Syria before it, he has subjected to crippling and unconscionable sanctions as part of the Israeli/Saudi/Nato softening up process to Armageddon.

Your Editorial constantly referring to the Iranian government as a regime is not only rude, disrespectful and unhelpful, but, as it also echoes the uninformed prattling of Irish senators, who lobby for the anti-Iranian MEK “moderate rebel” terrorist group, it is also downright dangerous as it further encourages our warlords in their ongoing crimes of conquest. – Yours, etc,


Raheny, Dublin 5.