Promises, promises


Sir, – The “promises mania” of this election campaign shows little sign of abating and is disquietingly reminiscent of the auction politics of the 2007 election and, for those who still remember, the noose of financial and economic “sweeteners”, which included the abolition of rates on houses and car tax, in the 1977 election.

The question of Brexit which the main parties harnessed over the past couple of years to illustrate their maturity, rectitude and concern for doing “what is best for the country” seems to have entirely disappeared from all agendas.

All branches of the Irish media would do the voter a great service by relentlessly pursuing the main parties for their detailed plans to deal with the most negative potential in Brexit or any other severe downturn, such as an acute drop in corporation tax, that may strike. That might dampen the promises fever. The voter too must retain hope! – Yours, etc,