President Higgins and Siptu speech

Sir, – It is gratifying that at least two of your readers are offended by the President's repeated incursions into political issues (Letters, March 31st; News, March 30th).

By attributing “archaic assumptions” to some employers and berating these same people for having the audacity to “persist” with such ideas, President Higgins fails to see that he, in turn, is making assumptions about this cohort of people. It is difficult to understand why no member of Government will have the gumption to contradict the holder of what is deemed to be an office that is above politics and that is supposed to speak on behalf of all citizens. – Yours, etc,


Newport, Co Tipperary.


Sir, – I see President Higgins doesn’t do irony. Does he not realise that it is his “twin evils of efficiency and productivity” that allowed this country to make him one of the highest-paid heads of state in Europe? – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.