President Higgins and a second term


Sir, – Further to “Michael D 2.0: Can Higgins reinvent himself for another term?” (Analysis, October 7th), why does Pat Leahy think that 84 is too old to hold political office, to carry out official engagements or to represent our State? Who specifies what is too old today? In England, Queen Elizabeth (91) carries out over 300 engagements a year. My own grandmother (87) similarly shows no signs of slowing down – she has a job, the running of her household and her own busy calendar of social engagements. With seniority comes experience, wisdom and sometimes a better work ethic. Perhaps people should stop trying to use President Michael D Higgins’s age as an excuse for their not wanting him to seek a second term. – Is mise,



Co Dublin.

Sir, – Pat Leahy reminds us that “during the election campaign in 2011 and following his victory, Higgins made it clear that his intention was to serve only one term”. Now, apparently, he is thinking of a second term. Is that possible in an ethical republic where, it is claimed, words and ideas matter? – Yours, etc,