‘Morrissey, the reactionary’


Sir, – “Only old people have the proper perspective to tell that young people can’t get anything right,” opines Donald Clarke (“The game is up for Morrissey, the reactionary”, October 7th).

Except, presumably, when they vote for Brexit?

Among his many crimes, Morrissey, along with another child of Irish emigres, John Lydon, is a Brexiteer – an unforgivable transgression as far as the Irish liberal establishment is concerned. It’s almost as if these working-class oiks are wilfully ignoring the more educated, middle-class voices of their betters, like Sir Bob Geldof (who has already told the British people that Brexit is simply wrong and will therefore have to be cancelled).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Morrissey has also implied that mass migration from predominantly Muslim countries into Britain may have some downsides rather than being the exclusively positive road to an idyllic, untroubled Utopia that we all know it to be.

Thank God (ironically, of course) for the holy trinity of Viscount Clarke, Archbishop O’Toole, Monsignor Mullally and their many minions in the Irish media. The tireless work they do goes a long way towards ensuring that uncomfortable opinions like these that veer off message are silenced.

I will, as ever, be keeping a vigilant eye on the opinion writers of The Irish Times for news of other undesirable musicians with awkward opinions to avoid.

This is public-service journalism at its finest. – Yours, etc,


Clontarf, Dublin 3.