Posters and public meetings


Sir, – A few years ago the Government thankfully introduced limits on the length of time before and after an election when posters could be attached to lamp-posts and other street objects. It has worked well.

However, with the forthcoming local elections at the end of May, there is now an outbreak of posters advertising “public meetings” on all sorts of topics. These are being placed on lamp-posts with names and large photographs of the politicians who are conducting these “meetings”.

They are placed there by politicians whom we haven’t heard from over the past five years.

How come these politicians only need to hold “public meetings” now?

Where were they since 2014?

The same rules that apply to election postering should and must be applied to them.

I have carefully noted the names of those in my area who have littered roads in the district and I fully intend to ensure that I vote for none of them. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.