Paying for third-level education


Sir, – The article “Why a student loan system is the best way to fund third-level” (August 22nd) is an example of how solving one aspect of a problem may result in many unwanted outcomes.

This solution does not take into account the wider and more long-term fact that people after college are already struggling with job issues, rent or mortgage problems, childcare costs; adding student repayments to this mix can hardly be in their best interests.

In the UK, the combination of student loans and high fees have severely reduced the numbers of part-time and mature students attending third level.

The only workable, long-term, wide-ranging solution is a continuation of the “free fees” system with funding from general taxation.

The beauty of a properly functioning tax system that citizens and multinationals are proud to pay into is exactly to share burdens as a society over everyone’s lifetime.

Why should we aim for less? – Yours, etc,


Drumcondra, Dublin 9.