Online retailers and the cost of Brexit

Sir, – Attempting today to purchase over £250 worth of product online from a reputable British society’s website, I found that its drop-down menu for delivery addresses is now confined to the UK. I phoned to see if this was just a glitch but was informed that it was “because of Brexit.” They said that they hoped this “may” change in the future.

I subsequently placed orders for corresponding non-British product elsewhere, via Amazon. However, seemingly because the supplier of this is in the UK, I was obliged to pay a new and estimated “import fees deposit” charge of between 15 per cent and 20 per cent which made me think twice, although on this occasion I proceeded. My experience is certainly a disincentive to do business with British suppliers.

Not least because of the amount of Irish business with Amazon, it is time for the company to have a dedicated Irish service and not require Irish people to shop via

It should flag clearly on its main product pages what product would be coming from British suppliers and would involve at point of payment such extra import/export fees for EU citizens. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.