Who is in charge?


Sir, – Pat Leahy (Analysis, January 4th) states, “The explosion in Covid-19 infections has stunned Ministers and sparked fears that they will be blamed for it”.

While the Government has been reluctant at times to adhere to the full measure of advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet), the public has been made aware of the vital necessity of abiding by the oft-repeated safety warnings.

Yet some people still insist on non-essential travel to Britain or beyond, or take a casual approach to use of face masks and social distancing requirements – all under the insistence of a right to personal freedom. However, freedom also comes with a duty of care and an obligation of personal responsibility.

Ministers need to do their job in this time of national crisis, and individuals also must commit to doing their share in the effort to control and eliminate Covid-19. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.

Sir, – It’s one thing for the Government to not want to abdicate decision making during the Covid-19 pandemic to Nphet because it has a democratic mandate and wants to exercise it.

However, it seems that our Government has forgotten that by taking responsibility for what advice is issued to the public and to businesses regarding socialisation and hospitality, it also has to take responsibility for the consequences of those decisions, including the catastrophic situation we are now in.

Deflecting any attempts to hold it accountable by suggesting that it is all a matter of hindsight, that this is no time for “analysis”, or by reviving crash-era assertions that “we all partied”, are disgraceful and not becoming of a Government serious about governing. – Yours, etc,



Co Leitrim.