Olympic medals


A chara, – Your graphic of Ireland’s Olympic medals (Graphic of the Week, July 31st) overlooks a number of medallists who have a rightful place in the annals of Irish Olympic history.

Between 1912 and 1948, the Summer Olympic Games included an art competition. As with sporting events, medals – gold, silver and bronze – were awarded for sport-related artworks in different categories.

Between 1924 (the first year a team represented Ireland at the Olympic Games) and 1948 (after which the art competition was discontinued), Ireland won three medals – one silver and two bronze. These are officially recognised as Olympic medals and appear in Olympic Games records as such.

The medallists concerned are: Jack B Yeats (Silver 1924, Painting); Oliver St John Gogarty (Bronze 1924, Literature); Letitia Hamilton (Bronze 1948, Painting).

Whatever else they may be known for, they should also be recognised for what they are – Olympic medallists. – Is mise,



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