Monster vehicles


Sir, – While I sympathise with Mike Moran (Letters, April 29th) about SUVs and crossover vehicles clogging up the leafy suburbs, I’m afraid that they are the vehicles of choice for an increasing number of suburbanites.

Where I find they are a bloody nuisance is in the car-parks of our suburban shopping centres.

The parking spaces in these centres were mostly designed and marked out over 20 years ago to accommodate the average family car of the time. Nowadays, the larger vehicles take up an additional eight inches of the width of the space, thus making it an acrobatic exercise for anyone exiting their vehicle if parked between two of these monsters. Shopping centre managers, please note. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.

Sir, – Perhaps one solution to the unnecessary use of outsized “Chelsea tractors” for school runs would be to make the BE driving licence (necessary for horse-box and caravan towing, etc) a requirement to drive them, regardless of whether one is towing at the time.

Given that those who genuinely need these vehicles will have presumably met the licensing requirements, the only group to be inconvenienced would be those looking for a status symbol. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow