Mixed messages and one-upmanship


Sir, – Further to “Mixed messages and one-upmanship within Government need to stop”, Stephen Collins, Opinion & Analysis, September 18th), if all political careers end in failure then one can only believe it will be no different for Micheál Martin.

His ambition to be Taoiseach is proving his undoing. Was his desire to go first in the rotation of office predicated on a belief this Government could not last and the role of Taoiseach would be gone from his grasp? It seems so. Stepping aside, Leo Varadkar must have been quietly exultant to let Mr Martin and Fianna Fáil bear the brunt of political fallout over the continuing Covid crisis, the restrictions and fatigue associated with it, the deepening deficit of billions, the looming hard Brexit. With friends like Leo, what need for an Opposition? Backbenchers in Fianna Fail have sussed this. The most recent poll verifies it. – Yours, etc,



Co Donegal.