Missing from the debate on homelessness


A chara, – It is shameful and so depressing to read that “Fewer than 20 TDs present for Dáil debate on child homelessness,” (Home News, December 15th). Homelessness is a national emergency but is not being treated as such, demonstrated by the fact that the majority of our elected representatives couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to a debate on one of the most tragic events in our State’s history.

I wonder if it was 3,194 individual children related to our politicians that were homeless, how many of our elected representatives from all political persuasions would have turned up last Friday and how long it would take them to mobilise the entire resources available to our State to tackle and eliminate homelessness?

We must remember, when politicians are canvassing next year, to ask them what was so important in their life that they chose to miss this particular debate. – Is mise,



Dublin 6.