Safeguarding the future of Moore Street


Sir, – The future of Dublin’s unique and iconic Moore Street (Sráid an Mhóraigh) will be played out in the Court of Appeal this week over three days – after a 16-year modern day battle to conserve and preserve this significant historical site.

What happened in Moore Street and surrounds in 1916 was the catalyst that built our nation and shaped our Irish identity.

It defies belief that the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht whose elected official role is to promote our distinctive Irish heritage and oversee the conservation, preservation, protection and presentation of our important historical sites, and not to destroy them, will be effectively handing over “carte blanche” to the developer to bulldoze all but the four houses on Moore Street that are currently in State ownership, should she be successful in the Court of Appeal (Home News, December 14th).

With the stroke of a pen the Minister can save, legislate and plan for a cultural and historical quarter that will re-invigorate the area and create a central place and community space for people to take pride in our Irish identity – hard fought for on this very street.

In light of the Minister’s refusal to drop the Appeal I have no option but to place my trust in the law to safeguard this special street’s rich social, cultural and historical legacy for future generations. – Yours, etc.


Granddaughter of Thomas F

Byrne (Boer Tom) and Lucy

Agnes Smyth (GPO



Victoria, Australia.