Minimum wage – a glaring inequality


A chara, – Your editorial on the minimum wage (November 6th) refers to the responsibility of trade unions and employers to contribute to a better-balanced and better-paid workforce.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions could not agree more, but we would point out that trade unions have for many years been to the fore in working for a minimum wage that would help underpin decent pay across the workforce. We have also continually highlighted the preponderance of women in low-paid jobs and worked to end the precarious work practices that perpetuate insecure and poorly-paid work.

In a recent submission to government, the ICTU also highlighted the causes of the gender pay gap and outlined strategies to tackle it, including gender pay gap reporting in medium to large companies. As there is some agreement with employers on this and taking action to reduce the current 14 per cent gap, it is long past time legislation was passed in this regard. – Is mise,


Equality Officer,

Irish Congress

of Trade Unions,

Dublin 1.