Roundabouts – no bed of roses


Sir, – Floral arrangements and artistic displays in the middle of roundabouts represent very dangerous visual obstructions to drivers. They make it impossible to see a driver coming around the roundabout, and consequently near-misses and crashes result. Horticultural, artistic and architectural special interests are at play despite the grave risks involved in obscuring traffic. Local councils have “adopt a roundabout” schemes where local groups or firms can get very carried away with floral arrangements and other items placed on the roundabout. This allows councils to forget all about these roundabouts in practice, leaving those who have adopted or sponsored them to do as they will. Drivers should be able to see what is in front of them, rather than allowing small forests or obelisks to be displayed, which obstruct sightlines.

Shrubbery, trees, and ornaments absorb lighting from overhead lamps, making the visual aspect of negotiating a roundabout even more difficult. These lights seem to have more to do with showing off the floral and artistic displays of a roundabout than safety considerations.

Safety first – not cosmetic considerations! – Yours, etc,


Shanbally, Co Cork.