Mary McAleese and church reform


Sir, – Further to “McAleese urges Ireland to show kindness to strangers and speaks of ‘cowardly’ bishops” (News, November 2nd), the vitriol I have heard directed towards Mary McAleese has been breathtaking. None of it from women, mostly men, and a high proportion of them clerical or “religious” men. She has certainly managed to get under their collars, especially the more “Roman” of them! It’s a good while since I heard such venomous fury from the sedate cosy caste. Clearly she is on target.

I hope she takes some comfort from the Nazarene’s record with the “religious” men of his day. As a parish priest, I would like to thank Mrs McAleese for her Gospel witness and prophetic courage. I pray she remain strong. – Yours, etc,


Celbridge, Co Kildare.