Management of An Garda Síochána


Sir, – Replacing the Garda Commissioner with another member of the force will not solve anything. She is almost certainly the best person for the job. Any successor will be no better and probably worse.

The only real option is replace An Garda Síochána with a new police force. We did it in 1922, when An Garda Síochána replaced the RIC and it happened in Northern Ireland in 2001, when the RUC was replaced by the PSNI.

In the interests of fairness existing members of An Garda Síochána should be allowed to submit their CVs and apply like anyone else. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 13.

Sir, – Is it not unfair to expect Nóirín O’Sullivan to resign when no other persons in public office or the civil service are ever held accountable for their actions or lack of them. Let accountability start at the very top. – Yours, etc,


Glencar, Sligo.

Sir, – The penchant for faux outrage and hypocrisy on the current controversies within An Garda Síochána is all too prevalent within the Dáil, and specifically the Joint Committee on Justice.

It seems obvious that there are many voices in the Oireachtas more concerned with getting media profile and ensuring re-election than obtaining answers to the serious issues involved. There are certainly questions to be asked and solutions to be found, but we are fortunate in this country in having a police force that, because of its good work, is still largely trusted and supported by the community. It is important that we are not swayed from this confidence by those whose agendas are questionable. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

A chara, – If only the taxpayer knew about this latest scandal before funding a new Garda pay deal to the tune of €50 million, or approximately €4,000 to €7, 000 for each garda. The kicker is that the State must now find another €7 million to cover this latest scandal.

To put that into perspective, the State provides 15,450 homecare packages, accounting for 10.4 million hours, at a cost of €126 million. Imagine the care that we could provide for our vulnerable citizens for €57 million. – Is mise,



Co Dublin.

A chara – There is a considerable political and public demand that the Garda Commissioner should “consider her position” or even that she should resign.

Is there any consideration being given to withholding or “standing aside” the recent reported €50 million pay increase for the force?

Perhaps this might be done until a Patten-style inquiry reports its findings, followed by a complete overhaul of An Garda Síochána, which appears to be long overdue. – Is mise,



Co Dublin.