Making a splash


Sir, – As a Dollymount resident and confirmed scaredy-cat when it comes to water, I took the plunge during lockdown. What an amazing new experience. The shelter for ladies is a happening place – very glamorous cocooners, svelte young ladies chatting about careers and men, exhausted nurses coming off night duty, all shapes and sizes, and the mandatory yummy mummies and their yummy dogs! The chat and fun are addictive, as is the swimming, with conversation regarding the best warm towels, the wearing or not of underwear, and unfortunately the safety of the water after heavy rain.

Thank you, ladies, for a surprising positive experience during this pandemic – your laughter, friendliness and encouragement to a newbie swimmer have lifted me during these dark times . Working my Zoom calls around the tide is a new skill I have perfected. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 3.