Land use and biodiversity crisis


Sir, – David McWilliams writes, “Land is an inherently useless asset unless it is farmed” (“Why the young are priced out of the Irish economy”, Analysis, January 23rd).

No wonder we have a biodiversity crisis.

The belief that land (and the planet) is there solely for humans to exploit for capital gain has caused massive environmental degradation, huge biodiversity loss and rapid and increasingly dangerous climate change. It is a belief that has to change.

Unfarmed land can be left alone or strategically rewilded in order to develop into a habitat rich in biodiversity, where wildlife can flourish, carbon can be stored and which will ultimately benefit not just humans but all forms of life.

I wonder if David McWilliams belongs to the deluded group of economists who still think continued economic growth on a finite planet is possible, and that the economy is more important than the environment. Economic activity depends on a healthy environment, and without a healthy environment, we’re toast. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.