Key fobs and car boots

Sir, – Renaat Verbruggen bemoans the sensitivity of car fobs (Letters, February 11th). A few years ago in the US, I rented a car which unlocked automatically when merely approached by whoever was holding the key fob. Unfortunately this feature design was utterly incompatible with my mild compulsion whenever I lock any car to manually check that it is indeed locked, as the doors would continue to spring open at my mere presence. I would relock it and repeat this cycle for a short while, then hand the fob to my children and ask them to walk away from the vehicle while I satisfied my compulsion. Sometimes technology can be just a little bit too clever! – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14

Sir,– Renaat Verbruggen writes about three individual incidents in which he observed the boots of three cars produced by a certain German company opening without the owner of the vehicle being present.

“Door sprung trunk technik?” – Yours, etc,



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