Key fobs and car boots

Sir, – I write with some reluctance as this may be a niche, dare I say minority issue, however my civic duty, technological security interest and sense of amusement require me to send this in.

It began with an early incident in a south Dublin shopping centre, when after parking we saw the boot automatically opening on a fine German sedan next to us.

Assuming the owner was on the way, we admired the range of their key device; however, within a few minutes no-one arrived. We then had a quandary. Should we shut the boot, ensure the safety of the contents and possibly set off the alarm and set up an unreasonable court defence for ourselves or hope the owner returned in time? We went with the latter, expecting it to be the classic isolated incident.

So then the next time waiting at a service station I actually saw the whole process – person parks German sedan, locks car with key fob, enters garage, seconds later – boot opens! This then remains open for five minutes until owner re-emerges looks around, checks boot and re-locks.

And finally a four-wheel drive from the same German company sat with its boot open on a nice busy Sunday on a Sandycove street.

So it seems clear that indeed the range of the key fob is impressive, so impressive that stuffing it into your jeans can inadvertently open your boot. The solution is obvious and free and hopefully will prevent the next “These thieves are so tech savvy nowadays” article.

And why does everyone appear to leave their golf apparatus in their boot? – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.