Jobs and multinational companies


Sir, – Fintan O’Toole makes many interesting and valid points in “Budget must stop spread of inequality in Irish society” (Opinion & Analysis, October 13th).

He rightly points to the success of the export sector led by multinational companies.

But somehow he says it in a neutral way. It’s as if it somehow happened of its own accord.

There’s no mention of the long pipeline that has led to this. No mention of enlightened government policies going back to Seán Lemass and Gerard Sweetman, the dynamic work of the IDA and its successors, as well as the enterprise, taxation, and education culture underpinning the whole effort that went into the creation of these jobs in the teeth of world competition.

This sector doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Neither do the jobs, held in the main by thousands and thousands of Irish people.

There may indeed be two Irish economies but they don’t exist in parallel universes.

No, the export sector uses and pays for the services of the domestic economy in a whole variety of ways. This can range from building, utilities, food, cleaning, maintenance and many small miscellaneous suppliers.

All of this points to a growing partnership between all our sectors.

Who gains? The people of Ireland. – Yours, etc,