Is this a record?


Sir,, – I sympathise with Joseph O’Connor but not with Jake Tiernan (Letters, July 18th) in their response to your listing of the 50 greatest Irish albums of all time (The Ticket, July 11th). Joseph has a litany of startling omissions (if restricted to one selection, the Rathmines jury goes for Rory Gallagher’s double album, Irish Tour ’74), while Jake is happy to see the inclusion of so many contemporary artists

The list includes entries for each decade since the 1960s and, accordingly, purports to be a list of the 50 best Irish albums of the last 60 years. Eleven of the chosen albums were recorded in the first three decades and 39 in the last 30 years. And we are invited to believe that 10 of the 50 best Irish albums of the last 60 years were released in the last three years.

Truly, this must be a golden age.


Rathmines, Dublin 6.

Sir, – Joseph O’Connor and Jake Tiernan both make good points when debating the 50 greatest Irish albums of all time. While being of Joseph’s vintage (plus a few years), I also missed many of the artists that he listed, without naming them all, from Aslan to the Virgin Prunes. However, I agree with Jake that there were many contemporary artists included. While still being young of mind, I Spotified a number of suggestions from the list, and while I found some not to be of my taste, I was delighted to discover some excellent talent new to my ears. I will continue to listen to my old favourites and keep searching for music from the many excellent young musicians this country produces. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 18.