In search of a passport – and an Irish granny


Sir, – I am a British passport holder, living in Dublin. As I wish to remain a citizen within the European Union I decided to apply for an Irish passport.

I have been living in Ireland since 1953. I have paid, and continue to pay, all my taxes, PAYE and every other kind of tax demanded. I have been married to an Irish man for 50 years, he has also paid a small fortune in taxes, I have three Irish sons whose combined tax payments could probably finance a small third- world country.

When I inquired about obtaining an Irish passport I was informed that I would need to be an Irish citizen. In order to become one a 16-page form had to be completed and submitted with a non-refundable payment of €178. If accepted, a further €950 would be payable and then presumably the cost of a passport. However, if I could find an Irish granny I could probably get an Irish passport without ever having set foot in Ireland!

My local TD was unable to offer any assistance. Can your readers help? – Yours, etc,


Raheny, Dublin 5.