Ideas for reopening the pubs


Sir, – Instead of reimposing restrictions on over-70s and keeping the pubs closed, the Government should open the pubs but confine entry to the over-70s. At least, they could be relied on to behave like responsible adults. – Yours, etc,


Mount Merrion, Co Dublin.

A chara, – Turning pubs into membership clubs could help small rural pubs to survive, while limiting the risk of spreading Covid-19. Membership would be based on the known clientele, who would be members of only one such club. Tourists who have completed any mandatory testing and/or self-isolation period could be given a voucher to become temporary members of one club during their stay in Ireland. Members would be traceable, and such clubs could have their own restrictions, depending on their size and circumstances. Club managers would have powers to restrict entry and require members to leave, if they are endangering the health of other members and staff. The caveat with this suggested model, of course, is that pub-clubs cannot open if community cases persist and grow, as schools start to reopen. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.