Housing crisis and downsizing


A chara, – I live in an established private estate in the heart of a vibrant community. All the facilities are on my doorstep and I have good neighbours.

However, my house is far too big for my needs now that my family is reared, but there are very few solutions for someone who wishes to downsize but stay in the same area.

All new developments should include a mix which would incorporate accommodation solutions for people at the various stages of their lives.

However, moving to a new development, even if it did contain apartments or two-bedroom units, is not an attractive option because it would mean starting all over again in a new area.

This brings us back to the problem of established estates.

One possible solution is a trusteeship overseeing the purchase and conversion of a small number of houses in established estates, specifically for the use of elderly residents who would like to go but stay, as it were. – Yours, etc,