Fly-tipping requires a speedy pick-up


Sir, – I agree that reporting fly-tipping is ineffective! (Kevin O’Sullivan, Home News, March 27th).

In mid February, I reported fly-tipping to Wicklow County Council via their designated email address. I received no reply or acknowledgment. The 13 or so black bin bags strewn along beautiful Hollywood Glen were not cleared.

If fly-tipping is not cleared up promptly then it seems to encourage an increase in illegal dumping, which in turn leads to more and more rubbish accumulating on the roadside.

Living in picturesque west Wicklow, it so upsetting to see how people disrespect this beautiful countryside, and all of us who cherish it.

Tourists are also a consideration and they too must be horrified at what amounts to abuse of our gorgeous landscape. I have once again reported the matter – this time via a phone call – and I urge Wicklow County Council to make it a priority to respond to reports of fly-tipping in a timely manner. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.