EU needs to grow up and get tough


Sir, – One thing that is clear from Covid to date is that strong government is needed where the virus is to be suppressed. Authoritarian regimes such as China and Russia have shown this.

The belated realisation by UK prime minister Boris Johnson that he has unthreatened power in parliament also demonstrates this.

The European Union has as its leader a person who will not cut through the bureaucracy.

Europe needs to say and mean, through its appointed leader “we will not allow any more exports of vaccines anywhere including the UK unless the UK respects AstraZeneca’s and any other contracts for UK vaccine producers who have contracted to export to the EU” (News, March 18th).

It is clear that strong government is needed from Europe with unequivocal support prior from all main European state leaders .

It’s time to show that the UK was wrong to vote for Brexit on the basis that the EU was a hopeless burocratic mess.

– Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.