End of the road for diesel cars?

Sir, – One of the best things ever to happen to the world of motoring is the begrudging acknowledgement by the motor industry, after several indictments, that the diesel engine should be left in the 20th century where it belongs; diesel engines are dirty plain and simple.

The car companies love them because they are cheaper to make than their alternatives and easier and cheaper for franchised dealers to maintain.

The public, however, initially pays a larger purchase price than the petrol-engined alternative and continues to pay the same price in servicing for same; this all equates to more profits for the industry.

Certainly Government policy and EU policy hasn’t helped in the past, but now it is slowly dawning on legislators that it might actually be better to have a cleaner environment for the health of the population than less of a population.


Nitrogen oxide and particulate fumes in particular are not good for humans.

I can’t see any future for diesel cars in the medium-term to long-term; the more enlightened cities around the world are talking about complete bans.

So, if you’ve decided you really have to spend your money on a new car, your buying options should be a small-engined petrol car, a petrol hybrid or a fully electric car; it just makes sense.

Of course, buying a second-hand version of one of the three options above makes even more sense; instead of massaging your ego with a brand image and registration year you could even spend the depreciation saved on charity this Yuletide. – Yours, etc,



Co Meath.