End of the road for AA Roadwatch


Sir, – The cessation of AA Roadwatch radio reports triggers a wave of nostalgia for me. Years ago, working in Australia, due to the combined wonders of geography, time zones and the internet, I often enjoyed a beer after work on a summers evening while hearing live coverage of traffic snarl-ups on wintery mornings in Dublin, savouring the accent and my good fortune. In recent years, having worked at various times in north and south Dublin, Louth, Waterford, Galway and Cork, the daily updates often reminded me of forgotten locations and old haunts. This weekend maybe I’ll raise a glass to the many memories they prompted – but not while driving. – Yours, etc,



Co Cork.

Sir, – It’s strange to not hear the AA Roadwatch bulletins on RTÉ but I can’t say I’ll miss them. I could do with less frequent sport bulletins (morning, lunch and evening would surely be sufficient). Since we’re in a modernising mood, is there any chance we could do away with broadcasting the Angelus as well? – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.