Defending the display of the letter F


Sir, – Several unionist politicians have defended those who paraded through Derry displaying the insignia of the British parachute regiment together with the letter F (Freya McClements, Home News, August 14th).

In opposing the prosecution of people such as Soldier F these politicians are in effect arguing that those who commit murder at the behest of, or in the service of, the state must always be assured of immunity. It is to be understood, therefore, that at certain points the perceived security interests of the state will take priority over the human rights of its citizens.

This is an astonishing suggestion for any elected representative in a parliamentary democracy to make.

The overt and covert operations conducted by the British military in the North have resulted in the loss of many innocent lives.

By no means were these restricted to any one section of the population.

Unionists are supposedly seeking to broaden support for union with Britain.

They will not make their task easier by characterising that state as one which will not always guarantee its citizens either justice or their most fundamental human right, the right to life. – Yours, etc,